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One Soul Exhibition - Educational Toolbox -Bookmarks of Remembrance:

One Soul: When Humanity Fails 

A poignant multi-media structural displays that explore the tragic memories of the Holocaust in order to inspire tolerance, humanity and social action. These museum quality multimedia exhibits explore various aspects of the Holocaust with an emphasis on lessons that can be learned and how they can be integrated into one’s life in a way that enables people to make a positive contribution to society.
Phase one of the One Soul initiative is the When Humanity Fails traveling exhibit, an introduction to the events that led to the creation and eventual liberation of the concentration camps of World War II. Through archival photographs and film footage, personal audio testimonies, and interactive features, audiences witness society’s failure and are asked to consider the responsibility of individuals and their communities in the upholding of human rights. The exhibition illustrates the tragic history of the camps but also the heroic stories of liberation and survival that marked their end. Past exhibition locations include the U.S. Congress and Senate, Hunter College and various Jewish Federations. Visit to learn more.


The Educational Toolbox 

Designed to provide invaluable tools for educators teaching about the Holocaust. It includes flexible modules, teacher guides and sample lessons to assist educators in their preparations. The Toolbox may be utilized as single exercises or as an entire curriculum. Imaginative source materials are organized in a creative assortment of formats including photos, posters, cards, DVDs, booklets and bookmarks – all color-coded by section in one self-contained box, ideal for educational and communal use. Materials are differentiated for middle and high school grade levels and by the amount of time that is available for each section. Additionally, the toolbox seeks to motivate students to employ their power of choice to reach out to their fellow man through programs of service. The Toolbox provides educators with materials for teaching both the historical and personal side of the Holocaust as well as enabling students to realize that every choice and action one makes has the potential for greatness.


The Bookmarks of Remembrance 

The Afikim Foundation conceived, developed and funded a Yad Vashem-researched Shoah remembrance project of 52 poignantly exquisite bookmarks listing historical events occurring on dates of each particular week during the Holocaust years. The Bookmarks of Remembrance are included in the  Holocaust Educational Curriculum Toolbox, but are also available separatelyTo learn more about One Soul, please contact Afikim's Director of Community Programs, Karen Hochberg:

Project Sinai

An innovative live, interactive teaching tool that connects organizations, teachers and educators to a rapidly expanding global distance learning audience. With the interactivity of text chat, audio and video, and with no special hardware or software required beyond an internet connection and a web browser, ProjectSinai transforms classes into engaging discussions within a broad-based educational online community. To learn more about Project Sinai, please contact Afikim's Director of Media, Rick Magder:

ToTal Program/Totally Online

An online Hebrew School that’s live, interactive, engaging, meaningful, and entertaining. It’s for children ages 7-11. It’s open to everyone, regardless of denomination or background. Students participate from home and only need a computer and a broadband internet connection to participate. To learn more about Totally Online, please contact Afikim's Director of Media, Rick Magder:

Mitzvah Fair in a Box

An extensive compilation of 350 pages of projects, graphics, templates, scripts, websites, marketing materials and original manipulatives including custom-designed decks of Mitzvah Cards, stunning 5×8 feet digitally-transferred Kotel Curtains and a stainless steel set of alef-bet and Jewish symbol cookie cutters. To learn more about Mitzvah Fair in a Box, please contact Afikim's Director of Community Programs, Karen Hochberg:

Kwizwiz Mobile App

The engaging and challenging online quiz game in which kids as well as adults travel through 1000 questions of Jewish knowledge, available for iPhone and iPad at the App Store! The ‘Kwizwiz by Afikim’ app transforms players who love spending time online into scholars literate in a myriad of basic bits of Jewish knowledge. The app version adds the element of competition as well, as multiple users are motivated to play simultaneously. To learn more about Kwizwiz, please contact Afikim's Director of Media, Rick Magder:


In response to the emerging health crisis of childhood obesity, The Afikim Foundation has taken a leading role in educating parents, teachers and students about how to practically implement strategies for healthy living. La’Briyut is a dynamic

in-school program that focuses on three core areas:

- Stress-reduction,

- Nutrition

- Exercise

To learn more about LaBriyut, please contact Afikim's Director of Community Programs, Karen Hochberg:

Workplace and University Guide

Responding to the need of employees and students to familiarize their employers and professors with the various restrictions that orthodox Jews observe on particular days of the calendar, thereby avoiding negative repercussions, The Afikim Foundation has created a Concise Guide to Orthodox Jewish Observance for the Workplace and University. 

This trifold brochure contains a brief explanation of which activities are restricted on the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays and a calendar displaying when those days occur during 2017-2019.  The pamphlet reiterates that Orthodox Jews believe in full participation in society. Yet there are certain days during the year on which commitment to religious practice must temporarily curtail their level of active participation.  Click Here To Download Your Free Guide

To learn more about the Workplace and University Guide, please contact Afikim's Director of Community Programs, Karen Hochberg:


Helps Jewish families maintain unity and peace when a child and/or sibling becomes Orthodox. With sensitivity to all family members, our programs strive to strengthen relationships and maintain family unity.

- Support Services

- Support Groups Parent-to-Parent Mentor Network Interactive Sharing Blog

- Educational Resources

- Personal Guidance & Private Consultations

To learn more about One Soul, please contact Afikim's Director of Community Programs, Karen Hochberg:

Connecticut initiative

The Afikim Foundation prides itself in incubating new opportunities for our community. In line with this approach, we are guiding the start-up efforts of Rabbi Uri Grosberg and Ohr, in creating a network of communal Torah study programs throughout the State of Connecticut. Working in concert with local Rabbis and their synagogues, every evening brings Rabbi Grosberg to a class in a different Connecticut city as he passionately strives to introduce the unaffiliated to the depth of

Torah study and the vibrancy of a community. Rabbi Grosberg can be reached at

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