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Walk the Land

In celebration of Israel’s  60th and 65th anniversaries,  hundreds of communities worldwide from Honolulu to Helsinki participated in Walk the Land, global walks coordinated by The Afikim Foundation in cooperation with the World Zionist Organization and the Israel Ministry for Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs.

Large vinyl murals were gifted to every participating city, displaying many of the numerous contributions that Israel has made to the world in the past 65 years, stemming from the supreme value that it places upon ‘Life’.

All walkers received packets of seeds from Israel that yielded hundreds of thousands of Israeli flowers grown around the world, symbolic of the preciousness of ‘Life’, as well as educational pamphlets about Israel facts and innovations.

The website united all of the geographic locations internationally into one virtual community, with each location having its own webpage to highlight its local celebration. Official Walk the Land: Celebrate LIFE! T-shirts further unified all participants.

JUMP- Jewish Upbringing Matters Program

The Afikim Foundation was instrumental in the establishment of JUMP—Jewish Upbringing Matters Program that provides Jewish after-school classes to public charter elementary and high school  students in South Florida.

Currently located adjacent to the Ben Gamla Charter Schools in Hollywood and Plantation, Florida, students delve into such topics as Jewish holidays, weekly Torah reading, prayer, and the importance of Israel and Jewish unity.

In today’s busy world, thanks to JUMP, hundreds of Jewish families are now able to balance the need for after school child care, Hebrew School, homework and family time.

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