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Join The Afikim Foundation in partnership with Our 6 Million, as we work to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive: One candle at a time.


For the past few years, on the eve of Yom HaShoah, families all around Israel have been lighting a personal yahrzeit candle at home, in memory of an individual who perished. This meaningful tradition respects the memory of the life led by individuals who perished and keeps the memory of the Holocaust alive - especially among the younger generation.

We remember not only 6 million who perished, but we remember them as individuals. By lighting a personal candle, we remember who they were and how they lived; we remember the ‘lives’ of those who perished and not only remember what happened to them at the end of their days.

Each memorial candle is wrapped with an "Our6Million" label containing the personal details of a man, woman or child who perished. Individual and bulk orders are available for schools and, shuls and organizations.


Click here to order memorial candles for a school

Click here to order personal memorial candles

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