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Olam Chesed

Olam Chesed is a unique chesed organization that receives and distributes brand new merchandise donated by major retailers for families in need.

Olam Chesed Distribution Center in New York distributes $5 worth of new household goods for every $1 donated.

Clothing, furniture, housewares, linen, mattresses, diapers, strollers, toys, air conditioners, kitchenware…

While the merchandise is donated, the costs of transporting, housing, and distributing them are not. Once these costs are covered, OLAM CHESED can help a limitless number of worthy families for a fraction of the cost of the retail value of these items.

Contributions to OLAM CHESED are magnified exponentially, as every $1 donated provides $5 worth of new goods to those in need.

Go to or call 646-339-2798. Project of The Afikim Foundation.

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